Bob Lobster
...on the way to and from Plum Island.

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New England Clam Chowder
add a bread bowl to any chowder  1.50
cup 3.99    bowl 6.99    cold quart 11.99

Fish Chowder

cup 3.99*    bowl 6.99*    cold quart 11.99
*not available summer weekends

Lobster Corn Chowder

cup   5.99*    bowl   7.99*   cold quart 14.99   

*not available summer weekends 

Steamed Clams      Market Price   

Steamed Mussels     15.99

Shrimp Cocktail      9.99
Oysters on the Half Shell   each 1.80

Crab Cakes       each  3.99

French Fries     2.99

Onion Rings  small 3.99  large 6.99 

Cole Slaw or Potato Chips  .75

Chicken Fingers     7.99

Side Fried Clams       20.99

Side Fried Scallops    18.99

Side Fried Shrimp        14.99

Side Coconut-Fried Shrimp    15.99

Side Fried Oysters     15.99

Side Fried Haddock pieces    11.99

Side Fried Haddock filet      14.99

Side Fried Smelts      11.99




Garden Salad  or Caesar Salad 4.99

with Tuna Salad    7.49

with Crab Meat Salad   13.99

with Lobster Salad   15.99

with Sliced Chicken Tenders   7.49

 with Cocktail Shrimp   9.49




Served with French fries, cole slaw & butter 

Single 1¼-lb Lobster Dinner    Market Price

Twin 1-lb Lobster Dinner     Market Price

Twin 1¼-lb Lobster Dinner    Market Price

Bob’s Clam Bake     Market Price

  (1-lb lobster, steamed clams, and chowder)

Select Lobster Dinner     Market Price

Fried Lobster Dinner (1/3lb fresh meat)  Market Price









Served with French fries* and coleslaw.

*substitute hand-cut onion rings $1.99

Fish and Chips        14.99

Fried Clam Dinner     23.99

Fried Scallop Dinner     20.99

Fried Shrimp Dinner     16.99

Fried Coconut Shrimp Dinner  17.99

Fried Oyster Dinner     17.99

Fried Smelt Dinner     13.99

Fried Haddock Dinner    16.99

Fried Flounder Dinner   15.99

Fried Lobster Dinner    Market Price

Fried Chicken Finger Dinner   9.99

Two-Way Combo Dinner    23.99

Fisherman’s Platter    29.99




Served with potato chips or coleslaw.
Substitute French fries for $1.00
or hand-cut onion rings for $1.99.

Lobster Salad Roll  17.99

Crab Meat Salad Roll    13.99

Tuna Salad Roll   5.99

Hot Dog         2.99

Clam Roll      19.99

Scallop Roll     17.99

Oyster Roll    13.99

Shrimp Roll      12.99

Fish Sandwich      9.99

Fish or Shrimp Tacos w/FF   10.99

Chicken Finger Sandwich   7.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap   6.99

Salmon Burger  8.99

Pulled Pork    6.99



Served with French fries or potato chips.

Hot Dog     2.99

Fish & Chips   6.99

Fried Shrimp     6.99

Chicken Fingers   4.99

Mac 'n Cheese    4.99



Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and

additional flavors daily. 

Served in a dish or on a sugar cone.

 Kiddie       Small       Large       Pint

 2.75         3.50        4.50       6.50

 Root Beer Float    4.75


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Please add 6.25% Massachusetts Meals Tax.
Prices are subject to change.